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Listing The Cliches

Hello, this is my first time writing as a contributor and I decided to give it a try because I ramble a lot about weird and random things and I don’t think people would appreciate me rambling about things that don’t make sense, hence the reason why I don’t really write as a contributor. But let’s give this a shot and maybe I’ll continue in the future.


So instead of the piles of homework due tomorrow that is currently glaring at me from my peripheral vision, I decided to talk about some cliche that some (maybe all of us) are very guilty of reading and enjoying. Possibly in our younger years where we were introduced to such things, where we reread these stories and just cringe to the gods and above. Trust me, I wanted to crawl into a hole and just wallow at how my reading tastes used to be.


CLICHE #1: “And then I woke up… it was all a dream.”


To be honest, I’m sure every one of you reading this is very guilty of using this once or so when that English story was due the next night and you needed a quick and fast way to end your story. I’m sure it had all out English teachers pulling their hairs out every time they saw one of their students using this technique.


CLICHE #2: The Bad Boy


He wears an old leather jacket, rides a Harley, smokes a pack a day, his hair is bed head hair 24/7, he’s got an attitude and smouldering eyes. And he’s got all the girls swooning at his bad boy aura, including you. You can’t deny it, we all wanted a bad boy of our own, that we could tame cos we’re just different from all the other swooning girls. Because you understand him and his problems. This is a cliche that is rampant in the Wattpad early days, and not lying to you guys, I was OBSESSED with this genre. It’s quite embarrassing to re-read these stories. Awkward laughter.


CLICHE #3: And they lived happily ever after. The End.


Okay, so this is a little old school but large companies like Disney has been milking this plot since the dawn of time. And it’s hard to ignore why. It’s the dream right? To bump into someone of royalty, fall in love at first sight and get married at the end of the movie. I mean, you basically are going to live on welfare for the rest of your life. It’s great, you know how many books you can read without any sort of worry.


This ends my very short list, since homework stress started to weigh down. Maybe I’ll try to do more in the future, though possibly gearing more to Wattpad cliches. Because *cough cough* my humble self used to be a Wattpad fangirl. No shame… maybe some.


I hope this provided a somewhat entertaining read for someone.





First of all, yay you're back! Cliche #1 isn't even a cliche at this point, it's a cheap easy escape that doesn't even count as real writing. Cliche #3 is a real heart breaker. But you'll come across those stories that challenge cliches, or change them. For example: The Language of Thorns: Midnight tales and Dangerous Magic is a great one. You should really read this

20th May, 18

hahaha thank you for the recommendation :)

20th May, 18

these are the things that make me want to throw my book (or device) on the floor and smash it into little pieces.
honestly, I'm probably going to end up having no books to read whatsoever because of these certain cliches, especially found in *cough* fanfiction *cough* written by young authors.
anyways, awesome post!
can't wait to see more of your stuff! :D

21st May, 18

Ah cliche two and three, sounds similar a lot of fanfiction! Ah well, I suppose that's why most of us read fanfiction... *awkward cringe*

4th Jun, 18